Soldiering On: Richmond through the decades

May 26, 2018 – Soldiering On: Richmond Through the Decades

Goulbourn Museum – 1:30pm

Join us for this presentation by  the Goulbourn Museum staff in a discovery of  the history of Richmond as seen through the eyes of the artefacts in the Goulbourn Museum’s collection. Learn about the key moments that shaped Ottawa’s oldest military settlement into what it is today.
 After the War of 1812, loyal settlers were sought for Upper Canada.United Empire Loyalists were regarded with increasing suspicion thus disbanded soldiers were

P. Cavanagh discharge from 99th in 1818

considered the more loyal settlers for this new era of development. Richmond (named after the Duke of Richmond, who was the newly appointed Governor General of the Canadas) was established 1818 as a military settlement. Richmond was the centre for the administration of lands in the area. Military supervisor, Major Burke, placed mainly Irish soldiers of his 99th (formerly 100th) Regiment in Goulbourn. The military relinquished control of the village in 1922. As civilians increasingly populated the village many enterprises were established to support the growing population of Goulbourn Township.

Please join us Saturday May 26th 2018 at the Goulbourn Museum at 1:30pm.  As usual this presentation is free to the public. Join us for an enlightening afternoon. Parking and refreshments are free. Please “tell a neighbour, bring a friend”