The Spirits of Richmond


The Spirits of Richmond – Hotels and Taverns

Saturday September 24 2022, 1:30 pm

GTHS Board member Mark Heckman will be presenting an overview of Richmond’s 19th century hotels and taverns, their purpose, and their growth and decline in the 19th century. This is intended as a live event. Please check back later for confirmation of location.

Where the Spirit leads you

Where the Spirit leads You!

October 1 2022

Where the Spirit

This historical church and pub tour of Goulbourn Township scheduled for Saturday afternoon October 1st 2022.

Churches have an interesting link to our pioneers. Join us for a driving and interpretive tour of select historical churches and pub in Goulbourn Township. Instructions and maps will be provided upon registration early this autumn.

What is that?

What is That?

Event is completed – many items were quite obscure but our winners did well.

Inventions that (may?) have changed our world

We have assembled an assortment of images that we hope will challenge you to identify. Although some of these items have become obsolescent or obsolete they certainly made living easier for our ancestors, an even for us today. Join us online as we explore a wide variety of unusual items from the past. We also hope to hear your personal stories about some items you have identified.


Irish Celebration

AN IRISH AFTERNOON – now available on-line

  • Saturday March 19 2022 1:30 pm
  • presented by Roger Young
  • This was an on-line presentation – If you missed it we have made an edited copy available on You Tube at An Irish Afternoon

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, the Goulbourn Township Historical Society presented “An Irish Afternoon” with Roger Young on Saturday, March 19th from 1.30 to 2.30 p.m. We visited some beautiful places in Ireland, listen to some great Irish music and have our host share his knowledge of Ireland.  

Many Settlers coming to Goulbourn Township from 1818 onward were of Irish origin.

This map identifies the names of many of Goulbourn’s ancestors and from where they came from in Ireland.

You will likely recognize many names that are still prominent in our community.

2022 Heritage Photo Display

“Torn from the Headlines” – 2022 Photo Exhibit

Our annual photo exhibit for 2022 focuses on photographs of several Goulbourn heritage buildings with a related selection of family and social history newspaper clippings.

The exhibit can be found in the Stittsville Branch of the Ottawa Public Library.

The display is available until the end of February and accessible during Library hours.

Please drop by and have a look!

February 2022 event Crazy Little Thing

Join us for a purely enjoyable afternoon of pictures, stories and fun as we take on the adventures of love – the good, unpleasant, and sometimes unscrupulous. Seems so simple to think love will cure all but most know sometimes it doesn’t. You will hear some poetry, songs, videos as we travel through some of love’s interesting stories, including the “Love Locks”, Goulbourn marriages, the history of St. Valentines’ Day and Love Letters past and present, along with many more bits of fun. Take part in the Zoom presentation about love (and not just about human beings!) on Saturday, February 12th starting at 1:30 p.m. Combat any of your pandemic-blues with a delightful and lighthearted afternoon. This event is sponsored by the Goulbourn Township Historical Society. Please register below: