Remembering Stittsville’s fallen

Stittsville War Memorial
Honouring those who died in service for Canada

On Monday, Nov 11th 2019, a new memorial plaque was on display next to the Cenotaph for the Stittsville Remembrance Day ceremony.

GTHS committee members Bob Halberstadt, Edna Marlow, Joan Darby & Fran McCarthy (missing are Valerie Wright& Judith Richardson)

Stittsville's War Dead

Stittsville residents that died serving their country in war

The plaque commemorates thirty-nine members of Canada’s armed forces, all from the Stittsville area, who gave their lives in the two World Wars and the War in Afghanistan.  The plaque represents the vision of GTHS member Valerie Wright, who conceived the memorial, methodically researched local history files, and organized a GTHS subcommittee of volunteers to see the project through to completion.   The committee plans to install a permanent version of the plaque in the vicinity of the cenotaph sometime in the future.

Many thanks go to Edna Marlow, who organized and led the subcommittee with help from Fran McCarthy, Joan Darby, Judith Richardson, and Bob Halberstadt.  

The Goulbourn Township Historical Society is honoured to financially support this project.

The subcommittee also wishes to thank: Tom Louks and the Richmond Legion for their donation of a permanent sign.  Glen Gower, Jennifer Shepherd and the City of Ottawa for their support; Peter Holmes and Lorraine Satchell for their knowledge and helpful advice and the Stittsville Glass & Sign Co. for creating the plaque.