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Goulbourn Stained GlassGoulbourn Stained Glass

This is a 60-page full-colour book featuring over 100 stained glass windows in the 12 churches of Goulbourn Township, one of which is now a private residence and one a public library. The text, written and researched by author S. Bernard Shaw, tells the stories of the families to whom the windows were dedicated. There are some fascinating tales among them and together they provide an unusual and beautiful record of local history. Photography by John Bottriell, John Brummell and Michael Bryan. Soft Cover, 9.5″ X 6.75″, 60 pages, 105 full-colour illustrations.  $20.00 (plus $4.00 shipping and handling)

A Sense of PlaceStittsville: A Sense of Place 

Local author and former CBC broadcaster Barbara Bottriell, provides an informative chronicle of Stittsville’s history, from the time the land was surveyed and the arrival of its early settlers, to its present period of burgeoning growth. Local anecdotes and historic photos enliven the story. Soft Cover, 8.5″ X 5.5″, 150 pages, 85 illustrations. $15.00 (plus $5.50 shipping and handling)



Voices from Goulbourn's Past - Volume 3Voices from Goulbourn’s Past – Volume 3

Authored by Linda Preston and Cheryl McCoy. Based on interviews, the memoires of seven Goulbourn residents are shared in this volume. Also includes photographs.Soft Cover, 8.5″ X 11″, 150 pages. $20.00 (plus $6.00 shipping and handling)



bookshop_html_28bbda6bGhosts of Goulbourn 

Veteran author and member of the Historical Society, S. Bernard Shaw, has brought together a delightful and entertaining collection of ghost stories that have all been verified as having really happened in Goulbourn Township. Soft Cover, 8.5″ X 5.5″, 58 pages, 20 illustrations. $10.00 (plus $4.00 shipping and handling)


For King and Canada The story of the 100th Regiment of Foot during the War of 1812 by author A. Barry Roberts. The 100th Regiment were raised in Ireland for service in Canada from 1806 to 1812. Many chose to settle in Canada as pioneers of the former Goulbourn Township. Hard Cover, 9″ X 6″, 243 pages, 12 colour plates, 21 maps and illustrations. $35.00 (plus $6.50 shipping and handling)