“Beyond the Glass – Stories of Goulbourn Township”

Beyond the Glass – Stories of Goulbourn Township”

This Goulbourn Township Historical Society’s ongoing Speaker series for 2021 took place on September 30th and our Speaker was Barbara Bottriell, local historian, writer, and Past President of the GTHS. She presented a colourful slide show which looked at the family stories behind a selected number of the stained glass windows in Goulbourn’s churches, based on the GTHS publication ” Goulbourn Stained Glass”.

Barbara Bottriell was a member of the Goulbourn Historical Society’s Board of Directors for 18 years and was President of the Society for 6 years. She is the author of local history books “Stittsville A Sense of Place”, “The Story of Mowoo”, and “The History of St. Thomas Anglican Church”. She is a former freelance writer with numerous articles published in outlets such as Chatelaine, Fifty-Five Plus and The Globe and Mail, and her columns, interviews and documentaries have been broadcast on CBC radio. She is currently a Board member of Heritage Ottawa. She lives in Stittsville where she was awarded the Memorial Citizen of the Year for 2016-2017. She is proud of the heritage of Goulbourn Township which she continues to find fascinating.

Copies of our publication “Goulbourn Stained Glass” can be purchase from our online bookshop.