Discovering History through Quilts

Discovering History through Quilts

with Alison Tranter
Richmond Legion
1:30 pm, Saturday March 16 2019

Did you know that history can be found in a quilt?  Quilting has been part of our history dating back to the time of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Over the years quilts have been beautiful reflections of the times during which they were created.

Alison Tranter, our guest speaker this month will share with us her experience with the discovery of our history through quilts. She will tell us of the process, some of the stories heard through the documentation event held as part of the Richmond 200th Anniversary in 2018 and the importance of labelling quilts and caring for them.

Alison started quilting in 1993 when she took a course for beginners at the Country Quilter in Richmond, Ontario.  Since then she has continued to make quilts for family, friends, charities and for no reason whatsoever except that she finds it relaxing, therapeutic and loves fabric! Alison started to realise that every quilt tells a story about its maker and her way of life. In 2003 she decided to document some of the stories about quilts in this area. Through her research with the quilt documentation process she discovered that this is a widespread activity done in many countries in particular UK and USA.  In 2018 when Richmond was celebrating 200 years as a community and she wondered what other quilts and stories where lurking around the village…

Come and find out more at the Richmond Legion, Saturday March 16, 2019 starting at 1:30 PM. As usual this presentation is free to the public. Join us for an enlightening afternoon. Parking and refreshments are free. Please “tell a neighbour, bring a friend”