Quick Facts

Quick Facts About Goulbourn

Does Goulbourn Township still exist?
No. It was surveyed around 1817 by the British and existed as a township until 2001 when it was amalgamated into the City of Ottawa.

Who was Goulbourn named after?
Goulbourn Township was named after Sir Henry Goulbourn who was the Undersecretary of State in the British Government and signed the Treaty of Ghent for Britain.

Who settled in Goulbourn Township?
It was mainly Protestants from Ireland and a few Englishmen who settled in Goulbourn. Many soldiers came to Goulbourn in 1818 when the 99th, an Irish Regiment, was being disbanded and a military post was established as the village of Richmond. Many others who came were part of an assisted emmigration plan, through which settlers received free passage and a land grant. The purpose was to settle immigrants who would be loyal to the British Crown and able to defend the territory should the Americans invade again.

Where was Goulbourn Township located?
It was about 20 kilometres west of Ottawa and was surrounded by the townships of Nepean, Huntley, March and Beckwith. It was part of Carleton County.

Were there any towns or villages in Goulbourn?
Yes. Richmond, Ashton, Stittsville, Munster, Hazeldean and Rathwell’s Corners were all villages within Goulbourn Township. Hazeldean was removed from Goulbourn in the 1980’s and added to Kanata.

Is the former Goulbourn Township commemorated in any way to-day?
Yes. The name of the Recreation Centre in Stittsville is The Goulbourn Recreation Centre. Also the Goulbourn Township Historical Society retains “Goulbourn” as part of its official name.