Discovering History through Quilts

Discovering History through Quilts

with Alison Tranter
Richmond Legion
1:30 pm, Saturday March 16 2019

Did you know that history can be found in a quilt?  Quilting has been part of our history dating back to the time of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Over the years quilts have been beautiful reflections of the times during which they were created.

Alison Tranter, our guest speaker this month will share with us her experience with the discovery of our history through quilts. She will tell us of the process, some of the stories heard through the documentation event held as part of the Richmond 200th Anniversary in 2018 and the importance of labelling quilts and caring for them.

Alison started quilting in 1993 when she took a course for beginners at the Country Quilter in Richmond, Ontario.  Since then she has continued to make quilts for family, friends, charities and for no reason whatsoever except that she finds it relaxing, therapeutic and loves fabric! Alison started to realise that every quilt tells a story about its maker and her way of life. In 2003 she decided to document some of the stories about quilts in this area. Through her research with the quilt documentation process she discovered that this is a widespread activity done in many countries in particular UK and USA.  In 2018 when Richmond was celebrating 200 years as a community and she wondered what other quilts and stories where lurking around the village…

Come and find out more at the Richmond Legion, Saturday March 16, 2019 starting at 1:30 PM. As usual this presentation is free to the public. Join us for an enlightening afternoon. Parking and refreshments are free. Please “tell a neighbour, bring a friend”

Library Photo Display – February 2019

Stittsville – Then & Now – Photo Exhibit

February, 2019

on display in the ArtSpace,
Ottawa Public Library – Stittsville Branch

We have chosen a selection of historic prints from our photo collection and matched them to the Stittsville of today. You are invited to drop in at the Library during operating hours anytime during the month of February and enjoy the scenes. Would you recognize the location of some of the old photos?

Olde Tyme Cooking

Olde Tyme Cooking
February 16 2019 1:30 pm
Stittsville Public Library

Join us at this Heritage Day celebration of old time cooking. Before the days of electric ovens, microwaves and prepared and frozen foods, domestic science was an important aspect of our learning and survival. Could you survive today cooking on a wood-burning stove with simple directions such a “moderate oven” or “pinch of salt” ?

Our volunteers will be ready to offer you a taste of bygone cooking with samples gleaned from old cook books & recipes. There will also be displays of heritage publications and utensils. Do you have an antique utensil at home – we invite you to bring it along to display.  Our presentation will be held in the Grace Thompson meeting room at the Ottawa Public Library Stittsville Branch on Saturday February 16 2016 at 1:30 pm. Parking and refreshments are free. Please tell a neighbour and bring a friend.

2019 AGM

The Goulbourn Township Historical Society AGM and dinner is scheduled on Saturday January 19th 2019 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 2 Mulkins Street, Stittsville. A delicious dinner will be served at noon with the meeting to begin around 1 pm.

Come for 11:30am to see some displays of what we’ve been doing over the past year.  It’s a social time to visit with and get to know other members, as well as an important function for our Society.  We need your support to enact our business !  So come and meet your friends in the Historical Society.  There will be a time for you to share any ideas for programs or services you would like to see the Society undertake. There will be a delicious, hot dinner at a cost of $17 per person, followed by the general meeting.

Please RSVP by Friday, January 11th to: .Payment will be at the door when you arrive.


One Room Schoolhouse

November 17th 2018 – Remembering One Room Schoolhouses of Yesteryear

presented by  Marilyn Snedden
Ottawa Public Library – Stittsville Branch
1:30 pm

SS# 11 (1888)

Join Marilyn Snedden as  she brings back memories of the rural schools that once dominated our landscape.

Typical of many schools in Ontario a wood stove and later an oil furnace was used for heating. Water was obtained from a hand operated outside pump. Until the 1950’s there were often no indoor toilets. One teacher supervised eight grades and handled 20 to 30 students. Many of these schools were closed by 1996. Come and enjoy and afternoon of recollections. 

Marilyn Snedden is an lifelong and active volunteer in Mississippi Mills. We are delighted to have her for our November event.

This event is being held in the Ottawa Public Library – Stittsville Branch on Saturday November 17 2018 at 1:30pm. Parking and refreshments are free. Please tell a neighbour and bring a friend.

Not Fade Away – Digitizing and Preserving Family Photographs

Please note – Our October 20th event “Puppets from our Past”  has been cancelled.

October 27 2018 – Digitizing and Preserving Family Photographs

At the Ottawa Public Library – Stittsville Branch starting at 1:30pm

Join Kyla Ubbink as she shares with us her expertise with long-term care and digitzation of family photographs.

GTHS Image GOU768 – The Cummings

GTHS Image GOU027 – tin type portrait

Keeping and digitizing family photographs can be a monumental challenge. From storage and long term care, to digitization and maintaining digital materials, a genealogist faces many choices. In terms of preservation there is much to be considered when choosing boxes or albums, which room or storage space to use, what kind of shelving is best and how you will go about handling and using the photographs. Digitization is a great way to facilitate use and sharing, but with so many options out there for scanners, software, settings, file types, and storage hardware, it is hard for the beginner to know where to start and what they are getting into in terms of time and long term care of digital media. Armed with the right information, digitizing and caring for your photographs and preventing these family memories from fading away becomes an exciting new project instead of a daunting task.

Accredited with the Canadian Association for Professional Conservators, Kyla Ubbink specializes in conservation and restoration treatment of books, photographs and paper artifacts; as well as in the preservation of archival collections. Graduating from Museum Studies, Mrs. Ubbink began her career fulfilling contracts in the Library and Archives Canada’s Conservation Laboratories in 2000 where she worked until establishing a full time private practice in 2005. Ubbink Book & Paper Conservation provides professional conservation, restoration and preservation consultation services to institutions, galleries, antiquities dealers, collectors, researchers and genealogists. Mrs. Ubbink is also a part time professor of cultural preservation for Algonquin College’s Archives and Records Management Program, has publications in professional periodicals, and provides workshops and lectures for community groups and heritage professionals.

This event is being held in the Ottawa Public Library – Stittsville Branch on Saturday October 27 2018 at 1:30pm. Parking and refreshments are free. Please tell a neighbour and bring a friend.